"Let's not just take a photograph, let's enjoy the moment and together create a piece of ART that everyone can admire"  -- Andrew Barela



The meaning of portrait photography is to catch the personality, mood and expression of the subject.  We work with our clients to bring out their personality to make a genuine image of art.  Realism is what capture, having fun is our goal.

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Real Estate

Professional High Dynamic Range (HDR) images are a MUST for Real Estate agents selling a property.  These images give potential buyers a realistic view of the property, while enhancing the lighting so all views inside and outside can been seen within the image.  Normal images don't provide an overall view of the property.  The lighting is dark in areas and don't give the potential buyer a good sense.  Providing HDR images to your listing give you a better representation of you property and a better chance for a potential buyer to speak with you or visit the property.


Fine Art

Being a Lifestyle photographer, I travel to different places photographing a lot of different areas.  The gallery below features some of my fine art pieces.  The art includes landscapes, cityscapes, animals, and flowers, which all are available in fine art prints.  

Jean_Family_October 29, 2016-34.jpg


Start by contacting us and scheduling a consultation.  This is the time for us to learn about each other and what you are expecting for your photos.  This can be done either by phone or by meeting at a local coffee shop.  We can even schedule your session at this point.  You decide, it is up to you when you want to book with us.  No pressure sales here..


Contact us when and where you would like your session to take place.  At this point we will confirm the date/time and depending on the type of session we will ask for a deposit along with signatures for our photography contract.  Don't forget to place those discounted print packages.

Photo Session

Finally the special day is here.  Depending on the type of session we will run through poses, lighting and wardrobe changes. Remember to be patient, because we will take multiple shots of each pose with different techniques.  Once the session is complete, we will choose the best of best for you and run the images though a post process to help enhance the photos.

Fine Art Images

We will deliver a personalize website of the best of best images.  From there you choose the images you would like to have printed.  Depending on the type of session, you will either have a CD of images, Prints based on your pre order packages, or you can order single prints right from your own gallery.  Simple and Easy for you.  

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