Headshot Photography

Big Business

One of the biggest areas of a photography business are individual headshots. There are professional photographers that focus their whole business around taking headshots for business people. In the past this was a small market only focusing on corporate executives and government officials. However, with the digital social age this market has expanded to not only corporate executive/government officials, but now to anybody with a social media account and individuals marketing themselves. Such as a student/individual trying to find a new job, to a professional trying increase their marketing materials, realtors, doctors, and the list goes on and on..

Focusing on Headshots

Now a days anyone can take a headshot with the devices, however, in order to get a professional headshot there are areas we need to focus on to capture how the client wants express themselves.


  1. Lighting

    Lighting can give so many different expressions, so getting the lighting correct can really display the character of the individual. It can show elegance, power and portray a true leader.

  2. Background

    Background can express professionalism or adventurous individual. This could be anything from nature just a plain white background. However, we need to focus on the colors the individual is wearing before truly picking a background. Don’t blend the individual into the background color. Make sure they kind of stick out and have a depth of field to their headshots.

  3. Posing

    Posing is everything. You can express caring, power, leadership and sensual in just a few simple poses.

If you focus on these areas you can definitely produce some great headshots for individuals and start to build a bigger photography business.

Here are some recent examples:

Colors and Colors

When a CLIENT BOOKS their photo shoot with me they are EXCITED about the day they usually don't think of all the questions they want to ask me.  They are expressing their thoughts around locations and how they want themselves to be portrayed in the image.  "I want my photo to look like Tom Cruise standing in a forest" or "I want to look like a super model".  However, after the excitement has settle on their fantasies, the very next question usually is

"What color of clothes should I/we wear for our photo session?"

"What color of clothes should I/we wear for our photo session?"

This can be a tricky question because we really have to understand a lot about the person, their personality and what colors they feel they LOOK GREAT in.  I totally rely on the client to decide these colors, but I give them the following guidance, allowing them to choose their favorite colors they feel GREAT in.  What I totally do not want is to pick a color they don't like, take the photos and then I get some bad review how I suck at picking color of clothes for them.  

My Guidance

I think a good approach is to focus on what season we are in to determine the colors.  Each season has a different sense of feeling; fresh and clean, warm and bright, harvest and change, cold and frosty. 

Spring - Fresh and Clean

I think of Spring as Easter tones, soft light pastels and new flowers that are blooming.  This makes me feel of a fresh soft colors like light pink, baby blue, light yellow, light green, lavender, light gray, cream colors.  


Summer - Warm and Bright

Summer is warm and bright with bold bright hard colors of yellow, dark blue, bright pink, orange and red.


Fall - Harvest and Change

Nature and leaves changing makes me think of more neutral colors that reflect the great outdoors.  I lean more towards browns, khaki, brown orange, dark/forest green, light gray and cream, dark purple.


Winter - Cold and Frosty

Wrapped up in a blanket in front of fire or outside in the snow are the colors I think of during this time.   Which are black, dark gray, dark purple, blue, ruby red, cream and white.  


Well hopefully this helps you out on deciding the colors you would like to see yourself in within your photos.  I am pretty sure the images will turn out great and that you will want to book with me many times in the future..  

See you behind the lens...